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The Morning Score is your top-of-day fix for professional and college sports and gaming.


Anti-talking head, talking heads, we offer fresh, entertaining perspectives on everything from Deflate-gate to soccer, hoops to hockey. When it comes to debating hot topics like marriage equality or analyzing (in)famous folks like “KimYe,” we’ve got ya covered.

CNN and TMZ, move over.

Celebrities like Roy Wood, Jr. from The Daily Show, Repo Matt (Burch) from TruTV’s Operation Repo and former NFL pro-bowl running back and Straight Outta Compton star, Thomas Q. Jones have all joined The Morning Score for sizzling hot debates.

For bye-week entertainment, check out our awesomely ridiculous gaming segment, “Oblivious Chic Gamer,” where The Morning Score’s gaming expert Ben Junya coaches Erica to conquer different video games (lots of coaching, very little conquering, FYI).

There’s never an excuse to miss our live show, but in case you do, visit our YouTube page to stay in the know. Trust. You want to know.



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The Morning Score makes it LIVE debut at Universal Broadcast Network.

Roy Wood, Jr. from TBS’s Sullivan and Son co-hosts The Morning Score.

Hosts Erica, Stef Z and Trevor debate Tom Brady and Deflate-Gate, Jen Welter hiring and sooooo much more.